Seattle’s Sweetest Mistress

Howdy and welcome to my blog! My name is Katherine and I am Kinky Life Coach and Professional Dominatrix here in the lovely and moist Pacific Northwest. I tend to post about sex stuff so if that freaks you out…best just move along now.

But if ya like reading about sex stuff, have middling too major interest in the adventures of an out and proud pervert, aren’t opposed to a bit of politicizing when it comes to things that effects our ability to get our grooves on while nakid, and/or have a fondness for factoids about the fun we call fucking…well then, by all means stick around!

It is my intent to post often…but as that has been my intent of for the last three years…with very little to show for it…I make no promises. If ya need a quick fix until I can get the gumption to wax a longer rhapsodic, I am a very regular and reliable Face Booker and most of my posts are public, so no friending needed as long as you have a profile on said site. Just follow the link on the left.

And if you’d REEEEEALLY like more information, education, and interaction than these here blog pages can provide, consider the very worthwhile investment in either side of my professional services…simply look to the links on the left…

One thought on “Seattle’s Sweetest Mistress

  1. I love what you say about the psychological benefits of your job. Learning about kinks has been a cathartic experience for me, and I wonder if your optimism is accurate, how you see D/s scenes playing out in a brave new world that embraces the healing power of what you do? For example, what would be your best case scenario?

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