Okay one more that’s a bit…darker

This one is courtesy the amazing Roger with Circle 23 and features a sexy Portland boy some of you might recognize…

I think it’s kinda funny since I am so NOT the “Lick my boots, worm!” type of Domme. Still a cool shot though and it does make me a bit tingly below the waist.

Twinkle Toes

More photo teasers that will soon be on my website. Sorry I’ve been draggin my feet(Bwah Ha Ha!) about doing the update but the resulting changes will hopefully be worth the wait.

These are for the boys with a fondness for…well…I think it’s pretty evident.


Like much in the BDSM realm, I knew I loved foot worship way before I knew there was a term for it. And also like much of BDSM, playing professionally has brought things to a whole new and glorious level.

I haven’t had an orgasm from toe sucking alone but I’ve been damn close. Added to that wonderful but strange nerve connection is the fact that every foot fetishist I’ve ever played with has been sweet, gentle and extremely respectful in how they fondle the objects of their devotion.

My only frustration is a symantic one. A foot fetishist is usually what one would call the individual doing the worshiping, not the one being worshiped.

So for lack of a more exact and appropriate label, I’ll just call myself a foot fetishist fan.